Disgruntled Partners

Life is full of dramatic moments, but partners who disagree or openly fight in public are often an unwelcome sight at many events. They bring their private disagreements to others in the form of gathering support, but it can quickly become a reason to stop inviting them to special events hosted by family and friends. For those who are in a relationship where this type of drama exists, finding ways to cope with it will help their relationship with their partner and their loved ones.

Disagreements between couples often occur, but many of them keep their lack of agreement private. This is the socially acceptable way to deal with their differences, and it keeps them on the social calendars of family and friends. When they are out in public, they might avoid each other if the topic is one where they have severe differences. It does not affect their overall social credits within their group, so their behaviour is still acceptable. As long as they are willing to keep their differences from becoming the focal point of any gathering, they will find they are welcomed by others as a couple.

When two people have found they prefer the drama of their lives to be spread far and wide, the disgruntled partners begin to be shunned by even their closest relatives. Inviting them to a birthday party or graduation will become nothing more than a day where they air their disagreements, and people quickly tire of it. There are only a few families that look forward to this type of behaviour, so forgetting to include them in important events will become a habit.

Professional counselling for the couple might be their best way to learn how to socialize properly once they notice their social calendar is empty, or they might realize it is time to end their relationship. While the dramatic moments might give them pleasure, it will soon turn to loneliness when they are isolated within their social circle.