Life with a Chaotic Partner

Drama is a wonderful thing in movies and books because it keeps the action moving and tells an important story. Many people find it is not so wonderful in their personal lives, and they work hard to keep it out. There are some people that thrive on the chaos created by drama. Their lives are one incident after another, and yet they are actually happiest when this occurs. It may seem as if they could never have a long term relationship, let alone a graceful one, but that is not necessarily true.

People who live drama filled lives are often the authors of their own chaos. They invite twenty people to a holiday dinner, but they forget to ensure they have enough plates and silver. Everyone is then treated to their hero status as they solve the problem, and find a way to feed all their guests. Sometimes their partner gets to be the hero, but they often reserve this role for themselves.

It would appear that living a life this way would be dreadfully draining of energy. It is tiring, but it can be ignored if there is a good return. Chaotic people are often hooked on being able to regale friends and family with their pitfalls and exploits. Even their partner gets to use the same stories, and they are often used as a way to impress people. This is the pay-off for this type of behavior.

It might appear that a relationship full of chaos is an ungraceful one. Many times it is, but the partners learn over time how to compensate and help each other. They both learn how to feed off the chaos, and support each other in the abundant times of crisis they endure. While they often verbalize a wish to lead a tranquil and happy life, this couple has found their graceful relationship in the midst of their chaotic world.