Mistaken Impressions

The lessons of a good life are not always easy to learn for many, but some people seem to have mastered them at an early age. Those who have found a good relationship may be the most graceful ones in public and private, but it does not necessarily point to a perfect partnership. Their lack of disagreement might have given their partner mistaken impressions on important issues, and it can take the couple down a difficult pathway. Holding their relationship together could turn out to be more of a fight than either of them thought.

There are plenty of areas in life where couples can disagree, but those people who have decided grace in a relationship matters most may tend to simply refuse to speak about their own feelings. They could decide that talking about how they really feel will cloud the issue, or they could have the frightening feeling their partner will leave when they find out the truth. All of these scenarios could break up the couple, and they may eventually need to be addressed.

Many decisions on which way to navigate through life depend upon how a person feels about a particular subject, and a partner could make a wrong decision because they do not understand how the person they love feels. Their career could offer them an opportunity to move across the world, yet they might be unaware their spouse never wants to move away from home. Accepting the job without first telling their partner could permanently damage their relationship, yet their partner's failure to be enthusiastic about the move could also create damage.

Graceful partnerships where two people never argue or disagree in public or private may not always be for the best. Some people withhold their true feelings on important issues, and they may pay a large price as time passes. Failing to ensure their loved one knows how they really feel could create a future disaster for both of them.