Starting off as Friends

When two people are in a committed relationship, they often met each other on a blind date or match up by friends. Some of them might have met in other ways, but the basis of their relationship has always been one where dating came first. There are a few lucky couples where starting off as friends instead of dating each other was the basis of their original time together, and they have retained that through all the years. These are some of the most graceful couples because they will always have their friendship to get them through difficult situations.

There is a large difference between friends and couples in many instances, but it can be difficult to define. Friends are people chosen for no characteristics in particular, but real friends are always there in the good and bad times. Couples might not be able to trust each other when the bad times hit, so they must first learn this about each other before their commitment is a true one.

Friendships ripen over time, and the same can be said of relationships. When it comes to being judgmental, friends are often willing to be more open. Those who are in a committed relationship could see their partner’s behaviour with a less open mind, and they might not be willing to overlook incidents they felt were wrong. It could sour their relationship over time, but those who were friends first will often be able to forgive their partner and move past whatever happened.

Many dating relationships skip past the need to be friends, so those where two people were friends first have a better chance of success. They have already formed a bond of trust, so they do not have to build it over time as they date. Being able to forgive each other when something occurs is another factor where friendship can help sustain a relationship.