Too Much Acceptance

When two people always seem to agree in public, there could be issues between them in private. One of them might be in control of every facet of the relationship without letting anyone know, and it could signal the end for the couple. The person in control is perfectly happy, but their spouse only appears to be when outside closed doors. There has been too much acceptance on their part when it comes to making decisions, and they have grown tired of giving in all the time. If things do not change soon, they will one day leave the relationship.

Exerting control over another person is not always a conscious act by a controlling person, and it can be the fault of both partners. Their interactions might fall into the category of one person making sense when expecting the other to give up something important, so it might become a bad habit for both of them over time. When they are told they are controlling, they do have the option to change their behavior.

It can be an uphill battle for the controlling partner to make the relationship work if their spouse points out their behavior is hurtful, but it has happened. If they truly love the other person, their needs will be considered secondary. Rather than giving their spouse a logical argument to compromise yet again and give up what they want, they will begin to learn how to consider their needs.

The relationship will often end if the person in control is unwilling or unable to make a change in their behavior. While their partner might be willing to help them even if they slide back into it a few times, those who simply refuse to see their actions as hurtful will often find they are about to be alone when change is an option they refuse to accept.